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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 9, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EST

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anchors. that is what's making n we dodged the worst of sandy. >> i think mother nature hates us. >> it feels that way. no surprise that people in new york feel that way. the late latest on how people are surviving. now the election is over and time to focus on the economy. what the president is doing about that today on his friday, november 9th. and thank you for joining
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us. a long week. >> you think about so much going on the nor'easter, the election, we have been with you every morning. tgif! [ laughter ] >> you want to know what the weather will be like. a lot of spots over that and we're meeting that. 38 degrees. and the winds will slowly start to calm down. nothing like we felt the day before that. the we'll stay this way throughout the day and plenty of sunshine. temperature at 53 degrees. megan and charlie over to you. workers are attempting to fix that water main break. they made some progress by
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digging up the asphalt to get a look under it. the problem they face is how to close the break. and water was gushing. this will be affecting your commute throughout the course today on friday. lauren has been watching the roads telling us what to avoid. >> this break is massive. and repairs are underway, that will be between penn station and 21st station. and as we look at 695, everything is moving along. the normal conditions here. 11 minutes from 795 to 95.
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winter does not start until the end of december officially but someone forgot to tell mother nature. people in the northeast are digging out, new york, new jersey, connecticut, they are seeing a record amount for this time of year. and it ripped through the communities and thousands are without power for a second time in less than two weeks. some people have not gotten the power on after the super storm. others got back in time to lose it again. now it is unclear when the crews will deal with the outages. >> this was going to be maybe thanksgiving. >> it was great have it and then lose it. >> four hours then it is off.
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>> and sandy dumped a foot in new jersey and cute. and it adds up to the efforts and the damage will cost 50 billion. more workers are heading north to help the victims in the dark. and they. the first time in 40 years new york city is rationing gas. it could last several weeks. starting this morning the odd- even plate system will go into effect in new york city. and people with odd numbered licenses get on odd days. it is theme it will ease demand
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and get rid of the long lines. and new jersey implemented the same system next week. the mess that's been left behind by sandy, we forget about the people here in maryland who are struggling because we saw some damage, too. >> and today we can help the people. we have more about how can you lend a helping hand. >> reporter: yes, we are here live in front of the aquarium where they are entouringed to drop off donations. and there will be a bus here and they want people to fill it with donations. and it is called the crab capital of the world.
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and toys. portable heaters. supplies and tools. officials from golden rain transportation will deliver them to the families. can you drop off your items here in front of the national aquarium from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. here. the goal is to help people get on their feet. live from downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. you may see people going in and out of camden yards because the os are expecting donations. you can bring items to the reception desk of the warehouse until 5:00 this afternoon. vans will take your contributions to cities in new jersey this weekend. some of the items that are needed are water, canned food. baby formula. clothes, coats and shoes.
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making news now people including children are covering after being exposed to carbon monoxide. the firefighters arrived and the victims had been complaining of headaches and several went to the hospital for evaluation. and it happened at a home and that's just west of cold spring lane. they are trying to figure out what caused the leak. we know what caused the death of a grandmother and four children. materials were too close to a tur nas. there was no evidence that the there were detectors in the home. it took the life of the five, all the children under the age of 7. $50 million, that's what maryland will spend on a jail, not everyone is happy about this. reverend jesse jackson joined the event. they say the money will be
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spent on programs to keep young teens out of jail. >> reconstruct the facility for the people. >> before the rally, the reverend met with the governor. the governor and other leaders say the need is for the jail that's because the facility is too small and poorly designed. it will be built in a parking lot. an exciting day for delivers today. the mayor and the police commissioner will deliver 90 newly purchased vehicles. they will be dropped off to officers on the northeast district. the president is getting back to business and the president will address the status of the economy. he will talk about the big issues that washington is now facing including how to prevent the country from going over so
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the-called fiscal cliff. they will outline the priorities going forward. his remarks are set for 1:00 this afternoon. it is in the east room. he will not answer any questions from reporters. we have a management to collect our thoughts after a wild week of weather. >> i think the 60s are coming back, not the decade. >> they are coming back as we go into the weekend. we had a tough time. the neighbors to the north dealing with a tough time. the radar not picking up on a lot. and this will translate into plenty of sunshine as we head throughout the day. that will start to warm the temperatures up for the day. we'll stay the 50s. we'll show you the temperatures later but this is what we're looking for. and 34 and baltimore at 38. 39 in bowie. we're at 36 degrees and along the eastern shore we're coming
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in at 44. 41 in rock hall and 37 degrees. let's go back to megan. and children are dying yessed at john hopkins now they have designing neck wear. >> why this is now coming out across maryland in time for the holidays. how can you get your hands on a fashionable accessory. one of the star players and when he is off the field. find out about his talent. >> why black friday is coming early. the special deals ahead of thanksgiving. they start earlier and earlier every year. everything is up to speed here. how traffic looks on 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. this is times square, clean up continues following sandy. we'll have the details coming up next.
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thank you for joining us this morning. it is something that's been in the community for a while. we're talking about ties, they can be more than a fashion accessory and support a great cause. >> the tie wear was designed bay girl who lost her life to cystic fibrosis. and we're live in towson telling bus the miracle tie day. anyone can buy these ties. >> they are sold at joseph a bank. we're here at the mall joining us. were you here this last year. you are wearing a wonderful tie. >> the most popular on, the purple one for you know who, the ravens. >> reporter: tell us about the ties, this is something that you do every year. >> every year. >> reporter: the proceedings help the children's center. wean we sell a tie 100% goes to
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the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved, you -- >> when we sell a tie, 100% goes to the kids. >> reporter: you have been involved what does it mean? >> i have been to the hospital, i toured it and i do this every year. we have different kids that means they're being healed. it is too muchky not talk about it because i get upset about it. >> reporter: it is a great thing today is miracle tie day. everyone should wear it. if you don't have one where can you find tut. >> most joseph banks stores have them. we have the 79.50, we have them. you will get one on liney was looking for the collection they look great. >> they look super. the kids did a great job. >> reporter: let me tell you the kids who go to hopkins
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children's center to be treated for whatever they have, they are asked to draw a favorite thing and those drawings are then given to the designers who put them on the fabulous ties. so this year's collection is out. miracle tie day and the 5:00 hour we'll be joined by the children who have designed the ties and a fabulous event this morning. stand by and stick with us. we'll be back in the 5:00 hour. here is something you don't know about ray lewis, he loves photography. now they are going on display. the art place is holding a benefit gala tonight that's where his art will be featured. most of the photos were taken near his home in florida. and the ravens, they are playing on home turf against the raiders. they beat cleveland. they are number one in the afc in the north. the raiders are 3 and 5.
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kickoff is 1:00 on sunday. and being away from the loved ones any amount of time is difficult, that's what military family goes through. maryland national guard is testing a live feed to bring soldiers and families closer to together. they will set up with m and t and have family members of company b and c they can come by and say hello to service members serving time in afghanistan. >> a great cause there. and the ravens, coming up on sunday, we have to have some good weather for the game. >> yes, charlie,ky deliver for you. it will be awesome for the game. >> as we check out what is going on. >> we're seasonable. they are coming up. the temperatures are not as cold as they have been. and 40 degrees at hampton hill.
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and 36 degrees and the winds are still breezy out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. and things will dive down as we head into the evening. at the surface and today and with that we're going to see plenty of sunshine in the forecast for us that the nor'easter well to the north. it is moving out and not even affecting new york and new jersey. they will be able to clean up the mess that that delivered. but here at home. we are not dealing with a lot. we'll see a few high clouds moving in here as we move through the weekend. all in all sunny and we'll have a nice warm up on the way. for today 56 degrees. mostly sunny skies and tonight the temperature and 36. mostly clear. not as cold by tomorrow 62 and sunshine and warmer. let's get a check with lauren cook. >> loving that warm weekend.
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62 degrees and great weather for the ravens game as well. >> we're dealing with the massive water main break in downtown. north charles street is shut down from penn station to 21st street. and use st. paul and calvert will be great options. if you are heading out to 95, there are no problems on the south corner and no delays heading to dc or traveling north to 695. as we check in and take a look here at i-70. you cannot see much in the camera. and it's not -- there are no problems and columbia and to the beltway. the west side. baltimore. everything is moving along and no delays up towards 795. megan and charlie. and the arizona congress woman faces the man who tried to kill her. >> what her husband had to say.
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the after school program that has kids moving and getting into a healthy lifestyle. and all right the storms are pretty much gone. can you use the iphone and find your temperatures. and clear, don't go air. we'll be right back.
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there is an apartment fire in washington. this is new video showing you this t started after midnight our time in a two story building. the first floor as flee market. the firefighters use lighter trucks to knock out the worst part of the fire. they are afraid the building may collapse. it is north of seattle. we don't know if anyone was inside or anyone has been hurt.
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i will look forward to updates on that. and the shooter in arizona was sentenced to seven life terms and 140 terms for the shooting spree in arizona. he pled guilty to charges, 19, all to avoid the death penalty. and a the former astronaut said it was tough to come face to face with the man who tried to kill his wife. >> it was a tough and long day in the courtroom. you know this is something that we have known we would go for a month. it has been tough leading up to the day. but it is behind us. >> the attack killed six and wounded 13. she resigned from congress to focus on her recovery. and today afghan villagers will testify against american soldiers suspected of killing
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civilians. a staff sergeant robert bales is accused of killing 16 people on the night of march 11th. he faces death if convicted. two men who gave their time serving our country will be honored today. captain charles rath is receiving the gold star. he treated injured soldiers at the battle of the bulge. and shian fought in vietnam earning a star for helping wounded during a battle. and five things you may want to know this morning. the u.s. chamber of commerce will have a job fair for veterans. the hiring our heroes event will take place on north gay street. veterans must show their military id to participate. black friday deals, there arriving earlier this year. the customers will get the discounts on line starting
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november 18th which is 5 days before black friday. kmart will open thanksgiving day. wal-mart made the announcement this week. if you love irish food and music. head out to the fairgrounds. the maryland irish festival kicks off and runs through sunday. there will be exhibits. music and dance and a lot of vendors with all sorts of things irish. the 2012 idols and icons auction is kicking off in california. some items is up for grabs and julie garland's wizard of oz costume. superman costume and blueprints of snow white's castle at disney from 1955. and bond is back. sky fall opens this weekend. danele craig is the spy, oo 7. and he must prove that he is not only alive but he has not lost


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